Welcome to the Library


Although the entrance to the library is on the first floor, the library itself is much further down and one must traverse a three-story long flight of stairs to reach it. The library itself seems to be a tribute to the one in Heliopolis in the First Nome, albeit a smaller version. The walls of the library are decorated with pictures of Gods, monsters, and people in all different colors. In addition to this, the walls are filled with cubbyholes holding scrolls and at each of the four compass points stands a shabti. These shabti each have the duty of maintaining particular subjects and when asked will fetch any scroll, palette, or other Egyptian artifact and are capable of retrieving translated texts. The ceiling is a deep blue and covered in swirling stars that shape the form of a woman, evoking the Goddess Nut. Similarly, the floor is shaped in to a man's body to represent Geb.


Please no yelling or screaming.