Shaylee Valdez
Shaylee Valdez,
Magician of Order, Path of peace
Important Information
Age 13
Gender Female
Family The Valdez
Blood of the Pharaohs {{{blood of the pharaohs}}}
Status Master
Eye Color Brune
Hair Color Brune
Height 1 metre
Affiliation House of Life, Queen Cleopatra, Blood of the Pharaohs
Weapons Ivory Wand, Was staff
Specialty Spells, healing magic, magical objects
Home First Nome
Adventures None

Appearance Edit

Shaylee is 1 metre 10 centimeters tall (see face claim for details)

History Edit

Shaylee ran away when a sphinx attacked them. His four brothers who had already chosen their paths ran away with her. Cleo, who had chosen the path of Khonsu summoned an army of shadows that was demolished. Her brothers shielded themselves and Shaylee had one divine word she'd been practicing. Ma'at. Binds of peace tangled the Sphinx and she chose to follow Ma'at and also knows how to summon an avatar that gives her wings and stronger magic.

Abilities Edit

Shaylee follows the path of Ma'at and can :

Use Divine words.

- Ma'at


- Ha-Tep



Summon Avatar


-Stronger magic

- Sight into the Duat

Can summon the ropes of peace - calms the person down and keeps the person bound to invisble ropes for a long time.