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Sara Beckett
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Riser of the Dead
Important Information
Age 14
Gender Female
Family Liz Beckett (deceased), Nicholas Beckett.
Blood of the Pharaohs {{{blood of the pharaohs}}}
Status Single, alive.
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'7
Affiliation House of Life, herself.
Weapons Staff, ring of endurance.
Specialty Necromancy
Home House of life, Brooklyn
Adventures None yet
This user's character is a Necromancer


She is kind and understanding person and respects most people. She doesn't get mad often but when she does most people run away. She becomes incredibly violent and will do almost anything to protect herself and others. She is a good and loyal friend and will always be there. She also hates alochol so much that even the smell of it makes her nausous.


Before she was born her parents began having arguements, Nick couldn't handle his wife and unborn child being magical. He was becoming violent and aggresive, when Sara was born things calmed down a bit. Nick stopped drinking alochol for Sara but when Sara was five she was showing magical ability. Her mother secretly taught her magic, Nick was once again drinking and was becoming more unstable by the minute. When Sara was 10 she was practising magic in her room when her father walked in, he finally snapped and hit Sara. Liz grabbed Nick and pulled him away from Sara but then Nick tried hitting Liz. Liz after years of trying to keep calm used magic against him to protect herself and Sara. Nick walked out of the house and didn't return until that evening. Liz and Nick decided to get a divorce and in two months they were no longer married. Sara stayed with her mother and hardly saw her father.

Liz was becoming mentally unstable, Sara couldn't practice magic as she had to keep looking after her mother. After two years of her mother being basically mad, her mother died. Sara went to the 21st Nome in Brooklyn and stayed there for two years, she then got transfered to First Nome.


  • Incredible skill in Necromancy
  • Minor skills in most of the types of magic


Name Relation Feelings
Nicholas Beckett Father She hates him for the way he treated her.
Liz Beckett Mother She misses her and loved her very much.