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Magician With Birds In Hat
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Jesus BacunawaEdit

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Jesus Bacunawa

He is about 17 years old. By the way, it is pronounced as "He-soos" not "Jee-zus."


Jesus Bacunawa was born and raised in Angeles, Pampanga Philippines. He is the only known magician to reside in his country.


Has short, Brown hair. Has a lightly muscular build. He is about 5 feet 10 inches tall. He usually wears short pants and Hoodie-jackets.

Magic Items/WeaponsEdit

He keeps a bunch of shabti in his bag. He also wears 3 amulets that help him focus his energy. His staff is white, 4 feet long and has a gold Ibis head on its tip. He may not be a combat magician, but he always keeps a sword in handy. His sword is a Philippine "Panabas"which means "used for chopping." His sword is 4-feet long and made of silver.


He is able to conjure portals and make Elemental Magic. He is also able to make life-like shabti (Though not as good as Thoth himself) He has the way of Thoth. He has studied books of different topics. He is very wise. Jesus was also a very intelligent High School student before he went to the First Nome.