Jesse Sanderson
Water Elementalist
Eye of Sobek
Important Information
Age 18
Gender Male
Family Karen and Steve Sanderson (parents)

Sarah Sanderson (sister)

Blood of the Pharaohs Khufu
Status Active
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'3
Affiliation Good
Weapons Staff, Wand, Magic, Dagger
Specialty Water Magic
Home Brooklyn House
Adventures None yet
This user's character is a Water Elementalist
Crystal ball1
This user's character is a Diviner
This user's character is following the path of Sobek

History Edit

Jesse Sanderson is a 18 year old water elementalist. He enjoys reading and writing, drawing, talking, and being with his friends. He was born in Indiana. When he was twelve he was taken to the 75th nome in Indianapolis. His parents told him that he had the partial blood of the pharaohs. His mother, Karen, was a decedent of Khufu. He trained there, until on his fourteenth birthday, he had a vision. A vision of him at the house of life. A month later, he was taken there. He discovered the was a diviner. he has been a loyal resident ever since.

Appearance Edit

He usually wears a neon green hoodie with jeans, and his favorite sneakers. He has glasses, but usually prefers his contacts better. His Blonde hair is styled up in the front.

Personality Edit

Jesse is an avid reader, and has loads of books. He works in the House's library, and is controls three finder shabti that he named Moe, Curly, and Larry. He also enjoys writing and loves swimming. He is kind, generous, and helpful. He is friendly, and will assist and defend his friends. He is a bit forgetful, and tends to procrastinate. He loves learning, and is especially fond of heiroglyphics.

Equipment Edit

Jesse has a gold staff with an ankh on top. He has the typical ivory wand, and a magic stypist that Thoth gave to him when he visited Memphis. It is almost like a 3D pen that you draw hieroglyphics with. It's the first ever made. He has a magic first aid kit his best friend Mia gave him for his birthday. He also has a magic messenger bag that makes what ever you put in it smaller, so you can fit more stuff in it. He got that from his father for his birthday, along with a dagger