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Dendera Cooper
New Girl
Important Information
Age 14
Gender Female
Family Chione Bennu (Mother/Egyptian), Christopher Cooper (Father/American)
Blood of the Pharaohs Yes
Status Alive
Eye Color Grey/Sometimes light blue or green
Hair Color Brown/Various highlights
Height 5'8"
Affiliation The First Nome
Weapons Her Magic, and her Shabti
Specialty Statuary Magician
Home The First Nome and her parent's house in Boston.
Adventures None Yet
Magician With Birds In Hat
This user's character is an Initiate Magician

K101253 m
This user's character is a Statuary Magician


She wear clothing that could be called goth. She likes dark colors and loves shoes. She loves to have fun hair and loves to dye it different colors.

New Girl (3)

Dendera with her Dyed hair.


She's very bubbly and hyper. She's a fantastic friend and can most always be trusted. She is very smart and clever. She likes to solve problems by finding a solution that is very different.


Her mother and father met at a conference in Boston. Her mother was a very famous scientist in Egypt, and her father was a very successful scientist in America. When they met, they hated each other. Her mother believed one thing and her father believed another. Soon enough, they fell in love. They got married and shortly after, her mother announced she was a magician. Her father was hesitant at first, and angry, but he accepted it. Some time after, Dendera was born. Her mother and father were so happy. When it was discovered that she had a disease in her left leg, that later caused her to lose

her leg below the knee, her parents were devistated. She has worn a prosthetic leg since she was six. When she was seven, she accidentaly caused one of her clay dolls to come to life. That doll became her very

favorite toy and she spent all of her time with it. She told all her secrets to the doll and loved it. When her mother discovered, she destoryed the doll. This destroyed Dendera and she hated her mother for it. When Dendera was eleven, she made a necklace that protected her from a particularly nasty bully at school. She was confronted by the bully one day and was treatened. When the bully grabbed her by the collar and pushed her against a locker, the necklace burned the bullies hands, but didn't harm Dendera. When her mother was called to the principal's office and informed on what happened, she realized Dendera was not a normal Magician. When she was fourteen, Dendera was sent to the First Nome by her parents. Her parent's would have sent her earlier, but they wanted her to finish Middle School. She cannot wait to discover who she is and who she is meant to be.

New Girl (2)

Dendera's Quest/Training Outfit