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Cooper -Magician of Elements
-The Water Lord

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Magician With Birds In Hat
This user's character is an Initiate Magician
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Cooper Morgan
Water Magician
Lord of Water
Important Information
Age 14
Gender Male
Family Brogan and Sheila Morgan
Blood of the Pharaohs No
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Height 5' 8
Affiliation House of Life
Weapons Blue Khopesh
Specialty Water Magic
Home First Nome, Lowell, Wisconsin
Adventures None yet


Cooper has messy blond hair, blue eyes, short and skinny, light skin, and is often wearing a red Gilligan-style hat.


Cooper's crazy and wild. Hard to restrain, doesn't obey authority well, usually nevert serious.


Cooper was born in a small apartment in south Wisconsin. His parents raised him lovingly, but they were extremely poor. One day, at a soup kitchen, Cooper felt something... calling him. He reached into a neighboring girl's bowl of soup, and found a strange key-shaped amulet. Well, the girl punched him, the Morgans got kicked out, and eventually the Department of Health shut the place down. Cooper later, on a hunch, sneaked back into the kitchen and put the amulet into the janitor's closet door keyhole. The door magically opened to the First Nome, and he's been there ever since.