Rules of Posting Edit

This page is for all users of the Kane Chronicles Roleplay Wiki. On this page, you can enter a link to an article about an adventure you have written for your character. Just put this page as a catagory of your article, and bam! Other users can read your article. Please, if you do include another member's character in your adventure story, ask permission to use that characters name and likeness before posting the story. If you do use another persons character, that person has full and complete obligation to edit and change any part of the story that has to do with their character that they don't like, or think is insulting or rude, or think is nothing like what they imagined their character as. If you do not abide by these rules and regulations, and you do post something involving another persons character without permission, you will be banned from posting on this, and will have your article deleted.

How to Insert Post Edit

To instert post, just name your adventure something like this.

Jesse's Adventure

You will replace my characters name at the beginning for the name of the character yours is about. Then add it to the list of names, and link it to the article. If someone else has posted an article about a character with the same first name as you, put a number before it. The number should go in numerical order, with the first one with the same name being one. It should look like this

Jesse's Adventure

2 Jesse's Adventure

Only link the words. Not the number.

Names of Articles Edit

Note: All names should include the characters name and Adventure. If you want to have a Title like

The Quest for Ra

put that title as the heading in the story.

Adventures Edit